Saturday, May 6, 2017

Bubbly and Graffiti in Spain

I had only two non-negotiable goals: to drink copious quantities of sparkling wine and to keep my eyes peeled for interesting street art. The rest was up to chance and circumstance. I got lost a lot. And I drank a lot of cava. While of course I prefer to drink my bubbles in a long stemmed crystal champagne flute, sometimes you need to multi-task. What's a girl to do when there are sights to be seen and cava to be drunk? She hits up a wine shop, buys a bottle or two, decants the contents into a flask and becomes no different from your local wino wandering the streets aimlessly with a camera in hand. That's what I did and that's all I'm saying about it. So here is a small sample the pictorial results of my happy, tipsy, whimsical adventures drinking the stars in Madrid and Barcelona.

And my first prize goes to...

3 x 3

I love music. I love cinema. Here are my top three films about music in three words.

⏯  Whiplash
Purpose Discipline Tenacity
P.S: Watch the video to the end. It's totally worth it.

⏯  Begin Again
Freedom Creativity Authenticity

⏯  Beats of the Antonov
Conflict Resilience Acoustic