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We love reading. We get high on it. We wish we could speed read so we could devour every book that ever was writ. Failing that we hope we live forever so that we can devour every book that ever was writ. And re-read the really good ones. Of which there are so many! And this is a very good thing...

What I wouldn't give to be Quietly Brilliant...

Have you tried our latest selection of Brain Food?

A Smorgasbord of Literature! awaits you.

I love the feeling I feel when I've been reading!

A heart wrenching Sierra Leonean story.

Finding Freedom and discovering that it is in fact A Place of Hope Inside Me.

Wake up! Because 

Life is not a color-within-the-lines project;
life is a work of art.
You have to keep mixing colors,
creating new blends,
and seeing things in fresh ways.
You must be willing
to get paint
all over you.
Life is about growth. Growth
demands change. Change
Requires humility.
Sometimes you need to bring change;
sometimes you need to be changed.

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