This is about collected things. Words, poetry, thoughts, music and images that I have stumbled upon, uncovered, marveled at and given place of pride. This is about cherished things, discovered and collected over time. It is about ideas, the kind of ideas that form organically after quiet observation, voyage and contemplation and slowly fit together like drifting continents revealing themselves to be a more honest version of the struggle of life. Because that's what it is, an exertion against the laws of nature from chaos to order and hopefully the highest level of existence: true freedom. So this blog is about collected things in my journey to freedom.

Literature. I read voraciously and buy books with the type of sheer greed that brings me to shame. If I were starving and someone offered me a choice between a loaf of bread and a book I would probably choose the book. Hopefully I would be smart enough to choose a book about innovative ways to overcome or avoid hunger or a book valuable enough to sell and use the money to buy a cheaper book and some food. Even if not, I know I would definitely choose the book! 

Music. I am finding that a really good way to explore the world and language in particular, is through music. As I have been discovering all the amazing music from the African continent, particularly West Africa, South America and Asia I have had to discard my propensity for classifying things. What is "world music?" Surely it should be all music produced on planet Earth? What is "mainstream"? Seems to me this is relative depending on where you are and what you are exposed to. Is there a difference between "hip hop" and "rap"? Turns out there is and one is in fact an aspect of the other, which is itself a (sub) culture that spans the entire globe. What is Afro-jazz? Is it all jazz from Africa by Africans or is it a very specific sound, ubiquitous to Southern African jazz artists? I love, love, love music and I look forward to teaching myself how to express this force of nature and share its power with you.

Poetry. It's always gratifying to find out that my rage, confusion, eccentricity and manic joy are in fact, quite normal traits exhibited my other people out there some of whom are from completely different generations. So here's to all the angry, thoughtful, lovely and inspiring poetry that has found me over the years.

Development. You may also find that from time to time I will rant and rave about humanitarian issues, human rights, public health, the ineffectiveness of traditional "aid" to "developing" countries and about the relationship between the West and the "third world". 

This blog is for L. 

My life is my message.
- Mahatma Gandhi

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